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Turmeric is hot, stimulating, scented, blood purifier, an appetizer, improves the complexion of the body. It eliminates all the three excessive humors of the body i.e. wind, phlegm and bile.


  1. Turmeric powder mixed with powdered black pepper dissolved in hot milk, cures malaria.

  2. Heat the mixture of turmeric powder and milk and then add little salt and sugar in it, give it to children suffering from cough and coryza.

  3. Turmeric powder and ghee mixed in hot milk, cures coryza and cough by clearing out the phlegm.

  4. Honey and turmeric powder mixed in the juice of emblic myrobalan (amla) cures the emamation of puss through urine.

  5. Twelve grams of turmeric powder mixed with 48 grams of curd, if taken for few days, cures jaundice. It is also beneficial in liver problems.

  6. Six grams of turmeric powder mixes in cow's urine, if taken, cures leprocy.

  7. A paste made of turmeric powder and lime stone if applied on swelled part of the body caused by severe hurt or blow, it gives relief from pain.

  8. If the powdered turmeric after being heated, is applied on that part of the body, which has been stung by a scorpion, the swelling and the pain gets cured.


Asafoetida is a very good appetizer, helps in digestion, eliminates flatulence, is a stimulator, eliminates phlegm's from the body and causes the formation of bile in the body.It also cures flatulence, constipation and is beneficial for the eyes.


  1. If asafoetida is used to season cooked pulses or vegetable, it increases its taste.
  2. If one gram of asafoetida mixed with sal ammoniac is used, typhoid is cured.

  3. Bake one gram of asafoetida, Mix it in a cup of water, Drink this mixture by sipping it.(Beneficial in chronic cough, croyza, constipation, etc)

  4. Swallowing pills of the size of gram causes indigestion, enlargement of skin etc;

  5. Boil one gram of asafoetida in nine cups of water slowly. When only one cup of water remains after evaporation, take this in two dozes to get relief from rheumatic pains.

  6. Grind asafoetida, camphor & stone of mango fruit in the juice of mint, Make pills of the size of Gram, Give these pills to the patient suffering from cholera, for his quick recovery

  7. Mixing asafoetida in the distilled water of aniseeds and drinking it, causes strangury

  8. Asafoetida fried in ghee is very beneficial for a pregnant woman who has given birth to a child. It eliminates dizziness and pain. Menstruation becomes clear.

  9. One or two drops of water in which powdered asafoetida has been dissolved, into the nose, cures penu crania.

  10. Pills made of asafoetida powder, kept on the painful tooth gives relief from the pain by killing the germs,

  11. Few drops of oil in which asafoetida has been treated, cures the pain in the ear.


Properties Chilli is sharp, hot, stimulating, and helps in digestion, It develops blood and causes the formation of bile in the body, it is a recommended diet in cholera it also eliminates worms in the intestines and causes inflammation. It destroys phlegm, and gives relief from pain. It is beneficial in loose motion. Dry chilli is considered to be an eliminator of flatulence.

  1. If powdered red chilli is applied to the part affected by a dog bite, immediately it minimizes the affect of the poison. It also acts as an antiseptic by preventing the formation of puss in the wound.

  2. Boil water, mixed with one spoonful of powdered chilli and one spoonful of salt in it. If this hot solution is drunk, it is beneficial in cholera.

  3. Boil water, in which powdered red chilli has been mixed, sprinkle this water on those areas where bed bugs are present, bed bugs will be eliminated.

  4. When seeds of chillies are swallowed with hot water, then the stomachache due to cold, gets vanished.
The excessive uses of chillies are harmful.

It is hot scented, an appetizer, helps in digestion, a stimulant and an uterus contractor. It eliminates excessive humours of phlegm and wind in the body but increases bile.


  1. It is an excellent stimulant, digestive and tasty. It is used in the preparation of vegetables. It is mostly used in stomach diseases.

  2. Take the following contents :-
    Black pepper = half the quantity of cinnamon
    Ginger = twice the quantity of cinnamon
    Crush all these three into powder and make a mixture, give this mixture to a person suffering from coryza, It will be cured.

  3. Use of cinnamon is beneficial in many diseases of stomach like indigestion, Vomit, stomach ache and swelling of stomach due to indigestion. It is also beneficial to woman in their menstruation periods and contraction of their uterus after childbirth.

  4. Using the mixture of one gram of powdered cinnamon and six grams of small myroblan (Harar) in the night, cures constipation.

  5. Applying the paste of powdered cinnamon on the temple, cures the headache due to cold.

  6. If three grams of powdered coriander and twelve grams of sugar if mixed in rice water is given to a pregnant woman, it checks her vomit. It also cures the cough and breathing problem in children.

  7. Making tablets from the mixture of powdered cinnamon, catechu and nutmeg and alum and keeping it in the vagina of a woman, cures leucorrhoea and helps her uterus to contract.
Prolonged use of cinnamon for many days may cure impotency. Moreover people who have excessive bile in their constitution, should use it cautiously.


Dry ginger eliminates phlegm, gives relief from stomachache and cures broken voice due to sore throat.


  1. Dry ginger is mainly used as spice in the preperation of vegetables or called to increase the flavour of the tea.

  2. If dry ginger is crushed in water and given to children suffering from loose motion after maixing some honey into it they get relief from loose motions and pains in the stomach.

  3. A mixture made of dry ginger, cassia leaves and sugar cures cold.

  4. If a solution of dry ginger is taken daily it increases the radiance, gives nourishment to the body.

  5. If three grams of dry ginger crushed in goats milk is given to a pregnant woman, it cures her unstable and uneven fever.

  6. Dry ginger paste mixed with turmeric powder and raw sugar, cures the emanation of uncontrolled semen and also emination through urine.

  7. One or two drops of ginger rubbed in water or milk in the nose, cures hemicrania.

  8. Eating the mixture of carrot, dry ginger and cumin seeds is beneficial to the patient suffering from sprue.


Mustard seeds eliminate the excessive humours of phlegm and bile in the body. It is sharp, hot, an appetizer and causes plethora. It is beneficial in many diseases like eczema, leprosy, flatulence, and throat diseases. It also helps in the elimination of the worms and the intestines.


  1. Eating Mustard seeds, which are crushed in honey, cures coryza.

  2. Swallowing mustard seeds soaked in mustard oil, cures stomachache. Swallowing three grams of powdered mustard seeds with water, cures stomachache as well as indigestion

  3. Drinking water which is warm and in which, 6 grams of mustard seeds and salt are mixed, extracts poison from the body in the form of vomit.

  4. If the mixture of three grams of powdered mustard seeds and three grams of asafoetida is given to a pregnant woman she gets aborted.

  5. If a paste made of powdered mustard seeds and powdered mineral salts is applied on the part which is affected by swelling, it decreases.

  6. Massaging the body with mustard oil is very beneficial as it cures flatulence and makes the body strong.

Mustard seeds when taken in small quantity, helps in digestion, is an appetizer, a stimulant etc; but its excessive use causes vomit.

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