Maya was very grateful that Arjuna spared his life, he was eager to build a palace with most unusual features, as a token of his gratitude. Yudhisthira granted him permission to built such a palace. Krishna, along with his wives had spent quite sometime at Indraprastha. He asked Yudhisthira’s permission to return to Dwarka. Reluctantly, the Pandavas agreed and they all came out up to the city limits, Yudhisthira driving Krishna’s chariot, Arjuna and Bhima holding the"charmer" over Krishna, Rukimini and Satyabhana, while Nakula and Sahdeva were holding fans. Such was the reverence and affection they had for their beloved Krishna. The Pandavas finally after a very affectionable farewell returned to their palace.

In the meantime, Maya had started his work by building the palace. The rare gems and stones he brought from Kailash and also a divine conch for Arjuna named Devadatta. He said,"Since Arjuna has monkey god on the banner of his chariot, he will also be known as ‘Kapridwaja". As he has very fine white horses to draw his chariot, he shall also be known as ‘Svetavahana’.

The palace constructed by Maya was so extra ordinary that even gods in heaven were envious. There were all the fines flowers carved in stone, So natural in colour, that even bees were confused and were seen hovering over them. The flowers were in full bloom in all seasons. Numerous fountains were continuous pouring out jets of multi coloured streams. Birds were seen. Where it looked like water, there was solid floor, so transparent that once eyes could no differentiate where it looked like floor was really a pond. The palace called Mayasabha was unique creation and a marvel of the skill of Maya.

On an auspicious days the Pandavas formally occupied the Sabha. Kings from far off places were invited and they came to see and marvel at the work of a genius. Many Princes who came to see the Sabha also took the opportunity to stay for a while to learn the finer points in the art of archery from Arjuna. One such bright student was Satyaki also known as Yuyudhana who was a cousin of Krishna. In the new palace the Pandavas, their queens and all the citizens took great pride.

Arjuna and Subhadra were blessed with a son named Abhimanyu, who became a great hero like Arjuna. Draupadi also became mother of five sons, one by each Pandava Yudhisthira’s sons was named as Prativirdhya. Bhima’s son was named Sutasama, Arjun’s son was called Shrutakarman, Nakul’s son was Satanika, and Sahdeva’s son was named Shrutasena. Kunti was very pleased at the advent of the new generation of the Kuru clan. She felt after so many trial and tribulations, now the Pandavas has settled down for a life of complete peace and tranquility. She could not foresee the events, which would overtake them and the world.



One day Narada, the wanderer and a sage of gods, paid a visit to Indraprastha. He explained that after he received the news of fabulous palace called Mayasabha. He could not resist his urge to see it. Much gratitude at Narada’s words, Yudhisthira showed him around the palace. Narada expressed his joy and enthusiasm. Then Narada after due ceremonies and courtesies sat down on a throne sharing his news of the other worlds with Yudhisthira. In the course of his talk he mentioned that Yudhisthira’s father Pandu and his other ancestors of lunar race could not get the highest of the heavens. It was only possible if Yudhisthira could perform a grand sacrifice (yagya) named Rajasuya.

After Yudhisthira performed this yagya his ancestors could sit with even Indra on his throne. The great king of Solar race Harishchandra by virtue of performing this yagya are now sharing the throne of Indra. Yudhisthira became thoughtful. He consulted his mother, brother, wife and ministers. Every one was very enthusiastic about the idea. But yet not sure Yudhisthira sent for Krishna. While in doubt, Krishna was his last refuge. Krishna came to Indraprastha and he was apprised of what was in Yudhisthira mind. Krishna took stock of the political scene of the world. A king desirous of performing Rajasaya has to conquer all the kings or all the kings should pay him tribute. Krishna was very doubtful about the king of Magadh Jara Sandha.

Jara sandha had defeated Krishna and his army in war eighteen times. He was father-in-law of Kamsa, the uncle of Krishna, Krishna had to slay his uncle Kamsa for his many sins. Jara Sandha had never tasted defeat but once, that too at the hands of Karna. Then Sishupal was another mighty king. Also there was chances that Kauravas under Duryodhana and with heroes like Bhishma, Drona and Karna would join with their foes and this would lead to a Great War bringing misery to the world. Krishna gave his analysis to Yudhisthira, Yudhisthira himself was a peace loving king whom unnecessary bloodshed was anathema. Bhima and Arjuna were very enthusiastic about the exercise. They argued that, Yudhisthira need not stir out of the palace. The four Pandava brothers will conquer each side of east, west, south and north and would be back in no time. In Krishna’s opinion Jarasandha, the king of Magadha was the most formidable obstacle in their way. It was decided that Krishna, Bhima and Arjuna would go to Magadha and try to vanquish Jarasandha, other kings would not dare, challenge them. With this plan, Arjuna, Bhima and Krishna left for Magadha.


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