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    Sita was sunk in her thinking as to what would happen after one month. She decided to give up her life. She requested Trijata to make arrangement for dry woods and fire. Trijata persuaded Sita with great difficulty and she went away.

    Then Sita requested the Ashoka tree to prove the virtue of its name by removing all of her sorrows.

    HANUMANA MEETS SITA Hanumana was getting restless seeing Sita's condition. Then he dropped the ring which Sri Rama had presented to him just in front of Sita.

    Sita took the ring in hand and noticed the engraving of letter Rama on it. For a while, she swang between the feelings of joy and sorrow. She thought that Sri Rama being invincible, could not be defeated by anybody and nobody could imitate Sri Rama's ring. She was wondering how the ring arrived there.

    Then Hanumana started praising the qualities of Sri Rama, sitting on the tree. She listened with complete attention. Hanumana described every details of Sri Rama's life from exile to Sita's abduction etc.

    Sita requested the unseen voice to disclose its identity. Hanumana got down from the tree. Still having frightening apprehensions in her mind, Sita did not face Hanumana but turned her back towards him.

    Hanumana then said -

    "Mother, I am the envoy of Sri Rama. I speak the truth that, this ring was given to me by Sri Rama so that you could identify me as a friend."

    Curiously Sita asked Hanumana how could a man and a monkey become friends. Hanumana narrated the whole story.

    Sita finally became convinced that Hanumana was indeed a messenger of Sri Rama. She lamented what made Sri Rama forget her. She said -

    "When would I be fortunate enough to see Sri Rama?"

    "Hanumana told Sita that both Sri Rama and Laxmana were feeling sorry because of her separation. Hanumana also requested Sita not to think negatively, as Sri Rama's love for her was total.

    Hanumana then consoled her and said that very soon all the demons would be killed by Sri Rama. He said -

    "Though I could have carried you to Sri Rama right now, but I cannot go against his commands. He had only commanded me to bring your news to him."

    The dwarfish appearance of Hanumana could not convince Sita about his capabilities. She thought that how could a small monkey like him fight the mighty demons. Hanumana then showed his expanded and giant appearance, which removed Sita's all doubts.

    Hanumana was feeling hungry. He had seen that the trees of Ashok Vatika were ladden with fruits. He asked for Sita's permission to satisfy his hunger eating those fruits. Sita warned that demons were guarding the Ashok Vatika. Hanumana replied that he was not scared of the demons.

    Sita permitted Hanuman to eat whichever fruit he liked. Hanumana started eating the fruits and also uprooted trees while eating. The demons who were guarding Ashok Vatika came running to scare him away. Hanumana killed some of them whereas the remaining ones ran away and informed Ravan about the destruction caused by Hanumana.

    Ravan sent a huge army to capture the monkey. Hanumana killed many of them. The survivors ran away. Ravan then sent his youngest son - Akshay Kumar along with a large army. Hanumana uprooted a large tree and hit them with it. In the battle, even Akshay Kumar was killed.

    When Ravan came to know about the death of his son - Akshay Kumar, he sent Meghanaad to capture Hanumana.

    When Hanumana saw Meghanaad coming with his army, he again uprooted a huge tree and threw it at them. Meghanaad's chariot was destroyed along with the horses and the charioteer. Then a duel began between Meghanaad and Hanumana. It seemed that two enormous elephants were fighting. Hanumana hit Meghanaad with such a force that he fell down unconscious. Hanumana then went and sat upon a tree.

    When Meghanaad regained his consciousness, he tried to capture Hanumana by his illusionary powers, but was unsuccessful. At last he tried his last option - Brahmastra.

    Hanumana thought that neutralising Brahmastra would be a disrespect to Brahma. So, he did not oppose and as a result, Meghanaad was successful in tying Hanumana with Naagpaash after knocking him down unconscious with the Brahmastra.

    Meghanaad then carried unconscious Hanumana to Ravan.

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