It is believed since antiquity that three hundred thirty million gods reside in the cow, hence she is venerable everywhere. In Krishna Leela (Playing of lord Krishna) also significance of cow is seen. For the purpose of worship, worship of the cow is considered excellent and above all. It is a belief that the occupants of such a house, at the gate of which is tethered a cow , always win. With striking a cow one gets a right on the heaven easily. In medical science also, cows milk and urine are considered a pancea for many diseases. Hence the cow is indeed a beneficial animal for us. In the present context also, cow is auspicious as an omen, and has a special place in consideration of omens. All it means to say that the omen of a cow is extremely auspicious, holy and beneficial in all conditions.


An elephant is a form of lord Ganapati (Ganesh) and sighting of it as an omen is rare. However if an elephant is seen, it is an extremely effective omen. For whatever task you are starting, if an elephant is seen in the beginning, every obstacle is destroyed and that task is completed successfully.

CAT - cat

The cat is also a familiar animal. In differences colors it is found everywhere. But its sight and sound are not regarded good omens. Even the kids in our country are familiar with the omens related to cat. From its way of calling and seeing to its activities have some kind of omens. Some of them are being discussed here briefly.

  1. If a cat yalls on sleeping person according to the scriptures that person meets a horrifying death.

  2. . If a cat cross the way, accident occurs.

  3. If at start, a cat is seen with a piece of flesh in its mouth, it gives auspicious results.

  4. If a cat hits a woman with its paw, her grandchildren face crisis.

  5. Crying of a cat seen on the left peacefully, it is auspicious sign.

  6. If a cat sleathly drinks the milk in a house, it is not an auspicious sign.

  7. Littering of the cat in the house is auspicious.

  8. Taming a cat is not auspicious.

  9. Black cat is regarded extremely inauspicious.

  10. Sneeze of cat proves extremely harmful on every occassion.


In the studies of omens, dog is an important animal. Its faithfulness is famous worldwide. Secret investigative department employees dog to nab criminals. It is also an efficient assistant in hunting. A dog has an infallible power to detect a thief. Hence, if someone has a dog his money is safe. It remains alert even while sleeping. It is said that by keeping a family dog Ketu is pacified.If Ketu is giving adverse effects, one can get benefit from the dog. Exorcism, disputes, worries, Ketu causes skin diseases, cholics and spooky suffering. - Dog

    Omens related to Dogs
  1. If in the beginning of a journey, a dog is seen with a beard in the mouth, the journey is auspicious.
  2. If you have started a journey and a dog is seen with a stone in the mouth you will face misfortune.
  3. If in the beginning of the journey too many dogs get together and start fighting it shows fight in the journey.
  4. If a dog with missing limbs comes and looks at the person frequently he will face fears.
  5. If a sitting dog sees a person startled the person gets victory.
  6. Scratching of head by the dog is a beneficial omen.
  7. If a dog sniffs a part of someone's body its results should be inferred thus:
  • Hands: The person meets the criminals.
  • Left thigh: The person gets popularity among women.
  • Right thigh: One falls in disputes without reason.
  • Left knee: benefits in business or service.
  • If a dog scratches its leg at the door it shows arrival of a guest.
  • If a dog enters a house with a beard in the house husband and wife must have intercourse then and there if they want a son.
  • If a dog mates with a bitch in the house the owner soon gets lots of guests.
  • If a dog is seen playing, it is very auspicious omen.
  • If a dog enters a house with a cloth or a piece of it, it is very auspicious omen.
  • A dog at the right hand side in the journey is very auspicious sign.
  • If a dog is seen leg on leg the journey must be postponed.
  • Offend a dog raising its one leg, urinates on cot, vehicles etc. We usually we usually shoo it away. But ding it we do our own harm. Urinating on an object a dog causes gain of money for the owner.
  • Sneez of a dog is inauspicious.
  • Urination by the dog on the trees, which are sprouting, or oozing milk, causes the person a lot benefits, who sees it.
  • If a dog is seen urinating liberally on seat, canopy, hole, or heap of dust, the viewer gets money benefits.
  • If in the beginning of the journey a dog is seen coming with bread, puri (fried bread), sweets, meats, fruits, flesh etc. the person always gets money benefits.
  • If a dog sitting at a place sees the person, who is seeking omen with its right- eye only, ever the most difficult task is completed without any hurdle.
  • If a dog seeing a pot full of water, squeezes its eyes and then retires to sleep at its place the person gets clothes, jwelleries etc.
  • If at the start of the journey, a dog is seen smeared with mud, and a bone or stone in the mouth, the traveler has a fear of theft in the journey.
  • If a dogs tail is severed, ears are also severed, it is ill, weak, worried, frightened and comes before the traveler, he is sure to meet failures in his task.
  • If a dog barks at midnight facing north, it shows hurdles for the BrahamanAnd death of some dear and near one. And if a dog barks at the end of the night facing northeast, abortion happens in pregnant woman, they may face rape, and loss of property and people occurs because of fire.

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