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Guru Nanak

Guru Nanak Dev was born in 1469 in the village Raya Bhoy, of Talvandi in Shekhupuradistrict of Punjab (now in Pakistan). Name of his father was Mehta Kalyana Dev, and of his mother was Tripta . Bebe Nanaki was the elder sister of Guru Nanak.

Guru Nanak Dev had an inclination for devotion since his childhood. He did not like playing. Children who came to play with him also used to begin reciting 'Sat Kartar, Sat Kartar.'


Like other children, Guru Nanak Dev was also sent to school for formal education. At the school, the teacher asked Guruji to recite 'OM' instead of reciting the word, Guruji asked the teacher about the meaning of 'OM'. The teacher was taken aback by the curiosity of a small child. He expressed his ignorance. At that Guru Nanak recited his Bani:


Nanak told his teacher that it was the real education. 'Give up all of your attachment, ego etc. which is like net around you, and cleans your mind as paper then write the name of God on it using your feelings as pen.' Hearing those words, the teachers bowed his head before Guru Nanak.


When Guru Nanak was ten years old, his parents decided to arrange for his Yagyopavit Sanskar . As per the ritual, the priest came and began to put a Janeu (the sacred thread) around Nanaks's torso . Guruji enquired the priest about the necessity of Janeu.

The priest told him that it was an identity of the cultured boy and necessary to start the study of Vedas. "And the wearer of Janeu is sanctified." Nanak told the priest: "I don't believe in such rituals. I also don't agree with you, O priests that the wearer of this Janeu will become cultured and sacred . People become cultured and sacred by their good deeds only. Moreover this Janeu consists of the threads only, which will rot in water or burn in fire. After some time, I will have to change it with another, new Janeu. I will wear only such Janeu that is not rotten by water or burnt by fire." The priest asked Nanak which was that Janeu. Nanak replied thus.


O priest, I have worn that Janeu of truth that consists of the cotton of pity and yarn of contention. It will neither break nor become dirty, neither is it burnt by fire nor rotten in water. It is the Janeu wearing which is a fortune for human kind.'


Once, Guru Nanak Dev had taken his buffaloes to the forests for grazing. There in order to take some rest, he spread a length of cloth under the shade of a tree and slept on it. After some time, the shade moved away from over him. Now Nanak's face was in the sun. Seeing this a snake spread its hood over Nanak's head to shade him. Meanwhile, the Nawab of the town, Ray Bular happened to pass through there. The scene surprised him, but he believed that Nanak was indeed some divine incarnation.

When Nanak was sleeping, his buffaloes strayed into a nearby field and destroyed the standing crops there. Owner of the field got very angry over it. He at once lodged a complaint with Nawab Ray Bular of the event and demanded a compensation for the loss. Ray Bular called Nanak's father and ordered him to pay the compensation. Guru Nanak intervened at that and said that no loss had occurred to the crops. To test Nanak's claim, Ray Bular and the farmer both went to the field. There they saw the crops standing safe and sound, without the least sign of damage. The farmer felt ashamed. Nobody could go to the heart of the matter, but Ray Bular got a firm belief that Nanak was indeed a divine incarnation. He requested Nanak to preach him. Nanak gave Ray Bular the basic hymn and asked him to recite it regularly.


Since his childhood, Guru Nanak was more inclined for devotion than passing time and other mundane tasks. His father Kalu was very much worried by Nanak's behaviour. He had wanted Nanak to do work like other boys. But Nanak could not concentrate anywhere else other that devotion.

One day Kalu gave Nanak twenty asharphees and asked him to strike a fair deal with them. Saying Sat Vachan, Nanak left home. He was accompanied by his friend Baley. Walking continuously for twelve Kosa , they reached amidst the forests. All the way they had been thinking about the fair deal. They were still sunk in their thoughts when they saw some ascetics, who had been observing penance and fasting amidst the forests for many days. Nanak said to Baley: Baley, father has given his asharphees to strike a fair deal. And I don't see any deal fairer than feeding these ascetics with our money. So Nanak and Baley brought some food from the nearby village and fed the ascetics, and then they returned home .At home, is father asked: "Tell me, what did you do with the money? How much profit did you earn?" Guru related all the happening of the day and said: "In my view, nothing was a fairer deal than feeding those ascetics." Hearing those words, Kalyan Das boiled with anger, and began to beat him. Nanak's sister Nanaki intervened to save him. Guru Nanak's father did not understand him as much as Nanaki did. She knew that her brother was not an ordinary boy; but he was indeed some divine incarnation who has appeared for the salvation of the people.


At the age of sixteen, Nanak was married to Sulakshani, the daughter of Mulachand, a resident of Batala . Seven years after marriage, their first son, Shri Chand was born. Shri Chand had founded Udasin sect, later on. Then their younger son Lakshmichand was born, His lineage is now known as Bedi.

Guru Nanak Dev had completed four Udasis, one each in east, west, north and south directions. Guru Nanak had commenced his first Udasi in 1508. He started on his mission, handing his family over to his father-in-law Baba Mulachand .


When Guru Nanak took a dip in Wai river and called out no one is Hindu, and no one is Muslim . A Kaji who was standing near by, said, "If you regard Hindus and Muslims one, so come and read Namaj with me." Guruji went with Kaji. There Kaji and Nawab both began to read Namaji but Guruji remained standing. Kaji and Nawab both infuriated with anger and said, "You have disrespected Namaj by not reading it. So you deserve a punishment." Guruji replied then, "With whom, have I had read Namaj? Nawab Sahib's mind was away in Kabul busy purchasing horses. And you, O Kaji, you were attending the colt in your home . None of you ware present here mentally. Only your bodies were present here." Hearing those words, Kaji and Nawab understood that the person who could read the thoughts couldn't be an ordinary person. He is an incarnation of the supreme spirit . Thus accepting their mistake, Kaji and Nawab fell at his feet.


Reciting Satnam (the name of Supreme Being) and salving people in the way. Guru Nanak Dev reached Amanabad .There he stayed at the home of Bhai Lalo . Bhai Lalo was a poor carpenter, but he did his job honestly. In the same village was the landlord Malik Bhago , who was very rich. When Malik Bhago heard that Guru Nanak was staying at Bhai Lalo's home, he got very angry. He said to Nanak: "Being such a great ascetic, you are staying at a Shudra's home, who himself has not enough to eat." But Guru Nanak did not agree with him and not accepted his invitation. Some days later, Malik Bhago organised a Brahma Bhoj (a feast for Brahmins) to which Nanak was also invited . But Guru Nanak Dev did not attend the feast either. Malik Bhago asked the reasons for not attending the feast. Guru Nanak asked Malik Bhago to fetch some Halva-Puri. Then he took some shrivelled bread from Lalo. Thereafter he took Halva-Puri in one hand and shrivelled breed in another and squeezed them with full force. With that blood began to flow from Halva-Puri and milk from Lalo's shrivelled bread . Thousands along with Malik Bhago witnessed the scene. Guru Nanak said to Malik Bhago, Your Halva-Puri has been gained through atrocities on the poors . Lalo's shriveled breads have been earned with honesty and righteous course. Malik Bhago realised his misdeeds, and laid flat at Guruji's feet.


Guru Nanak Dev caused salvation of ordinary people on one hand and on the another he also showed the king like Babar the right way. When Guruji was staying at Amanabad, Babar had launched an attack on the town. It was a massacre all around. Seeing that massacre, Guruji said:


That is, O Lord, such a terrible atrocity has broken on your public, people are crying all around; don't you feel pain about them. At last Guruji held the reigns of Babar's horse and said: "O Babar, you are not Babar, but a Jabar (attrocious)." Infuriated Babar at once put Nanak in the jail along with other prisoners. In Jail, Guru Nanak Dev was also given the wheat to grind. Guruji asked Mardana (his disciple) to play the cymbals, and he began to sing Kirtans. As long as Guruji sang Kirtans, the grinding wheals kept on running automatically grinding the wheat into flour. The guards saw the miracle and informed Babar who at once came running to witness the miracle. He understood that he had imprisoned some Peer (a man who has achieved perfection). Unhesitatingly, Babar begged Guruji's pardon. Guruji told Babar that a king's duty is to protect and preserve the public thus making it happy. If a king himself becomes the destroyer, where the public will seek a refuge. Babar realized his mistake. Thereafter Nanak preached Babar of the secret of Panch Patshahi (five emperorhoods).


Preaching humanity when Guru Nanak Dev reached Multan, a thug was also living there in the district Tulambh . Thug's named was Sajjan . He had constructed an inn far from the town. He used to coax the travellers to stay in his inn. He met Hindus as Sajjan Mal and Muslims as Sajjan Shah. He always used to wear ochre, hermitic robes .

Sajjan always treated the travellers well and gave them good, delicious foods. He also offered then comfortable beds to sleep. And when the travellers fell asleep, Sajjan would kill them and take all of their belongings.

Guru Nanak Dev knew everything. He too stayed at Sajjan's inn; only to salve him. Sajjan very respectfully offered him a seat and insisted to take food also. Guruji refused to take food. Then Sajjan insisted him to take rest. At that Guruji replied that he would take rest only after finishing the task for which he had come. Then with Mardana, Guruji recited the words!


These words surprised Sajjan. He could see his blasphemy in the words. He understood that the ascetic had known everything about him. He went near Guruji. Guruji asked him, "What is your name?" "Sajjan." "But your deeds and your conducts do not comply to your name. You deceive the people, Thus, working in this sinister manner, you have collected a lot of money. In hermitic robes you can deceive the people, but not the Supreme spirit. He is looking everything; no work of yours is hidden from Him. Remember that everyone has to die. But your wealth will not go with you ; only your sinister deeds will be with you. And you will have to bear the fruits for them. It is still not too late to come round Sajjan. The wealth you have so far collected killing people has the curses of how many no one knows. This wealth will not save you from the inferno, nor will you ever be able to buy peace with it. You, therefore give up your sinister deeds and take up good deeds. Be a Sajjan (a gentleman) defacto and recite his name, protect every creature created by Him because in every creature stays the Supreme Spirit . This preaching of Guru Nanak Dev had a transforming effect on Sajjan. Since that day he became a real Sajjan (gentleman).


Travelling via Panipat and Karnal, Guru Nanak Dev reached Delhi, which was then under the rule of Sultan Sinkandar Lodhi. Having preached him about the religious discourse, Guruji reached Haridwar. There, in the morning, he saw that people were casting water towards the Sun. Guruji asked them what they were doing. The people replied that they were watering the Surya Loka (the abode of the Sun) where their ancestors lived. The water, the people said, would reach to their ancestors. Hearing their words, Guruji began to cast water with his back towards the Sun. The action surprised the people, they asked him what he was doing and why, because all the other peoples were casting water facing the Sun. Guruji replied: "In Kartarpur, there are my fields which are drying up in the Sun . I am watering them" . People laughed at the simplicity of Guruji and said: "You are very simple." "How can the water you are casting, reach Kartarpur? Kartarpur is too far for the water to reach. It is falling right in the river Ganges." Nanak replied: "If the water, I am casting cannot reach Kartarpur, then how can the water you are casting reach to Suryaloka. Kartarpur is nearer to us than the Sun" . People understood that what they were practicing was simply ostentatious ritual. Praying the God with faith is the real worship.


Travelling many parts of India. Guru Nanak Dev reached Bengal. His disciples Mardana and Bala were accompanying him. With Guruji's permission, Mardana went to a nearby village. There Noorjahan, the witch, transformed Mardana into a ram using her witchcraft . Intuitively, Guruji knew everything. With Bala, he at once reached at the spot. In ram form Mardana began to bleat seeing Guruji. By just a graceful vision of Guruji, Mardana regained his original form . Infuriated witch tried her magic on Guruji, but in vein. Seeing that her magic failed at Guruji she felt ashamed. Just then a women came there carrying a pitcher on her head. Guruji just glanced at her, and the pitcher clang to her head. The woman tried hard to remove it but failed. Then all the witches put their powers together, but they also failed. All of them then came to believe that no magic is greater than the power of that Supreme Spirit. Just the name of Supreme Being is too powerful to be surpassed by any magician.


Benefitting and preaching the people, Guruji reached Chitgaon (now in Bangladesh). An imposter was also staying there in hermit guise . He had propagated about himself that he knew everything about the three worlds. He also, according to his propaganda, knew about the events of the past, present and the future . From far and near gullible public began to gather around him, and the imposter cheated money from them. There before him was kept a collection pot in which people used to drop money and even gold. When Guruji reached there the imposter was posing meditation with his eyes closed . Silently Guruji lifted the collection pot and put it at his backside. When the imposter opened his eyes he found the collection pot missing. Irritated but silently he looked around for it. Then he inquired the people for the whereabout of the collection pot Guruji replied: "You do know about the three worlds. Don't you know then where is your collection pot?" The imposter realised his mistake. Since then he gave up his sinisteral occupation and began to recite the name of God .


After touring Bengal, Guru Nanak Dev returned to Sultanpur There he stayed with his family for many months. Then began his next journey. Now his destination was central India. Travelling via Dharmakot Bhatinda, Sirsa, Indore, Narbada, Nasik and Aurangabad Guruji ultimately reached Panchmarhi.


There were dense forests around Panchmarhi . Once Guruji was passing through one such forest accompanied by Bala and Mardana. Bhai Mardana felt strong pangs of hunger. So he temporarily parted with Guruji and reached to that part of the forests where a demon Koda lived. He was very cruel man-eater. He used to devour the human beings frying them in oil. Mardana was therefore a delighted sight for the demon. He at once captured Mardana and began to warm oil in a huge cooking pan. Now Mardana began to regret. He began to pray God to save his life. Guruji knew everything. He said to Bala: "Bale our pal is in danger . Let's go to save him." When the oil began to boil in the pan, Koda put Mardana in it. But the demon was surprised to see that the oil could not even touch Mardana. All of a sudden Guruji also appeared there. His appearance frightened Koda. "Koda put your strength in benefitting the people and not in harming them. Only then your birth will succeed ." The Preaching of Guru Nanak transformed Koda and he became a saint. From Panchmarhi, Guru Nanak Dev continued his journey southward. Travelling Via Deccan region, Hyderabad, Golkonda, Madras, Pondicherry and Rameshwaram he reached Mangaldeep . There he effected the salvation of Shivnabh . Thence Guruji reached mount Sumer(foothills of Himalayas).


Many powerful yogis of Gorakhnath Nath sect lived at the mount Sumer. They had all achieved perfections. Many big and influencial kings were their disciples. Guru Gorakhnath was the main Sidh and had eighty four disciples which included among others king Bhartrihari, Gopichand, Ghugunath, Charpat and Purvamukh. When the Sidhs came to know about Nanak's arrival, they decided to give him a test and if possible to get him included in their sect. When Guruji met the Sidhs he said:


When Gorakhnath felt that the balance was tilting in favour of Guru Nanak he asked him to fetch water from the pond. When Guruji went to the pond he saw it filled with diamonds and gems. Guruji understood that it was a play of Gorakhnath. Anyhow Guruji passed the test, and the sidhs believed that Guruji was far above the petty feelings of greed and allurements. They then were ready to have a debate with Nanak on knowledge. The Sidhs then put a lot of questions on spirituality, which were impossible to be answered even by the most learned people. But Guruji replied each and every question with ample politeness. Ultimately, Gorakhnath and his disciples believed that Nanak was even more learned than they had heard. They all greeted Nanak with respect.

Thereafter Guru Nanak Dev resumed his journey. Travelling via Kurushetra, Thansehwar and crossing the river Yamuna he reached Banaras (Varanasi). There he preached Pandit Chatur Das who accepted Sikhism as a result. Thence Guru Nanak reached Sultanpur. There he caused the salvation of Nawab Ray Bular and met his own parents. After a few months, Guru Nanak Dev commenced his third journey, this time towards north.


Leaving sultanpur and travelling northwards, Guruji reached Kangara. There was a mountain of Sulphur in Kangara, flares were emanating from it because sulphur had a natural tendency to flare up in contact with air. People were fervently worshipping it assuming it to be a divine miracle. Guruji told them that it was not a divine miracle and there were many such mountains in the universe, which produce flares. From Kangara, Guruji reached Kashmir. There he preached Sikhism to Pundit Brahmdas and thereafter reached Anandpur Sahib.


In Anandpur Sahib lived a calendar named Budhan Shah. He had fifty or sixty goats. Whenever Budhan Shah took his flocks of goats out for grazing a tiger also accompanied him. When Nanak reached his (Budhan Shah's) homestead, Budhan Shah cautioned him: "Guruji beware of the tiger or it might attack you." Guruji asked him to see the miracle of God. And indeed when the tiger came, it put its head Guruji's feet and squated on the ground. Guruji then began to pat the tiger. Budhan Shah understood that he himself is nothing before Guruji. He begged him for his foregivence. Guru Nanak then preached Budhan Shah about Satnam (the true name of the God). Thereafter, travelling via Nepal and Bhutan Guruji reached China. After passing some time in China, Guruji returned to Kartarpur.


After his third travel when Guruji was staying home his father passed away. Having performed their last rites, Guru Nanak comenced his fourth journey. This time he decided to travel west. Thus travelling via Rawalpindi, Peshwar, Kabul, Kandhar, Persia (present day Iran) and Iraq, Guruji reached Mecca and Madina.


When Guru Nanak was staying in the town of Ramdas, he saw a small boy singing devotional song. Guruji asked him why he was so fervently praying God in such a raw age when he should have played. The boy replied! Guruji, I was once burning woods when I saw that they were consumed rapidly by the fire. Since then I have been living in fear lest God should put me in the fire called death also." Nanak said, "Despite your young age you speak like old man. Keep on reciting his name with same fervor, one day your own name will light the world." The boy since then, came to be known as Baba Burha. Baba Burha was appointed in 1604 as the first Granthi of Hari Mandar Sahib. And it was by his boon that the sixth Patshahi Har Gobind Sahib was born.


When Guruji was in Mecca, one day he slept with his feet pointing towards Mecca. Seeing Guruji's behaviour, Kaji grew very angry and scoffed at him: "Why are you sleeping with feet pointing towards Khuda (God)." Guruji humbly replied: "Don't be angry sir, I am very tired. Kindly move my feet to where there is no Khuda (God)." Holding Guruji's legs Kaji, moved them in different direction. But lo and behold! Mecca too moved in that direction. Many times Kaji tried to move Guruji's legs away from Khuda but the result was same every time. Guruji then said to Kaji: "O Kaji, Khuda is present everywhere. He is in every creature, in you and in me also."


After preaching religious discourses in Mecca, Guruji reached Madina. Thence he reached Baghdad and sitting outside the town he began to sing Shabad:


That is, in the creation of God, there are innumerable skies and innumerable Hades. Innumerable Yogis have accepted defeat searching his limitless creation. The creator has made it endless.

Very soon the words reached to the Khalifa that what the calendar was singing was against the teachings of Islam. Secondly, he was telling innumerable skies and hades in the creation of Khuda (God), where as Paigamber has said about only seven skies and hades.

Khalifa was very egoist. Without caring to know the facts, he immediately ordered to Sangasar (to kill by pelting stones) the calendar. In that kind of punishment, every citizen of the town pelts a stone at the sentenced person. So all the public of Baghdar gathered there to pelt stones at Guru Nanak Dev. But as soon as they lifted their hands, Guruji recited Satkartar. And all the public was freezed in the action like statues. When the Khalifa heard it, he came there running and begged for Guruji pardon. He then asked Guruji: "Our Paigambar Muhammed Sahib has declared singing of Raga as illegitimate but you sing. Why?" Guruji replied: "O Khalifa Raga is not an evil thing, Only those songs are evil which are sung to malice the mind. A Raga is in fact a diet for the soul. It helps the mind in concentration. Bhajans (motets) that are sung in praise of God purify and pacify the mind."

Khalifa asked his second question: "You say that there are millions of skies and millions of hades. But our Paigambar has told about only seven skies and hades." Guruji then asked Khalifa to send some reliable person with him, so that he could show him the real, millions of skies and millions of hades. Khalifa send his son with Guruji. In no time Guruji disappeared. When they came back, Khalifa's son related his experience to his father. Hearing those experiences, Khalifa at once became a disciple of Guruji and accepted Sikhism. Even today, thousands of Arabian Sikhs can be seen in Baghdad.


When Guru Nanak Dev was returning to Punjab after preaching in far off countries, he reached a village Hasan Abdal. This village is now known as Punja Sahib. Guruji put his camps at the outskirts of the village. There was an acute shortage of water in the village. It could be available in the village itself or on the nearby hillock, where an egoist calendar lived. His name was Vali Kandhari. He owned a small puddle. Because of prolong and continuous walking, Mardana was at verge of falling down by fatigue. He was very thirsty also. Guruji told him to climb the hillock and drink water. When Mardana reached at the puddle and begged for some water, Vali Kandhari asked his name. Mardana replied that he was travelling with Guru Nanak Dev, and again begged for some water. At hat Vali Kandhari said! "Your Guru is very miraculous himself. Ask him to dug out water at the spot where you are all staying." Thus, failed to get water, Mardana returned. Guruji sent him again to beg for the water, but again he returned empty handed. After third time when Mardana returned unsuccessful, Guruji lifted a stone from the ground. And as soon as he lifted the stone, a stream of water began to flow there. All the water of Vali Kandhari's puddle had flown down into the stream and his puddle had dried up. Getting infuriated, the calendar pushed a huge boulder over Guruji. But Guruji stopped that boulder with his one hand only. That boulder still bears the imprint of Guruji palm. Since then that place has become famous as Punja Sahib.


Chaudhary Lahna was a resident of the village Nage Ki Saray in Firozpur district. Since the moment he had heard the preachings from Guru Nanak, he began to obey his every dictate, even those refused by Guruji's own sons.

One day, a utensil of Guruji fell in filthy water. Guruji asked his own sons to retrieve the utensil, but they plainly refused that for an ordinary utensil they will not spoil their costly costumes. Then Guruji asked Bhai Lahana. Unhesitatingly, Bhai Lahana at once jumped in the water though he too was wearing costly costumes. In no times, he retrieved the utensil and cleaned it well before handing it to Guruji. In fact Guruji had given Bhai Lahana many acid tests on many occasions.


One day Guru Nanak Dev assumed very formidable appearance. He donned a very big turban, a disproportionately long robe, and tying rags on his body, Guruji began to walk towards the forests. He was holding a stick only. All of his disciples (Sangat) followed him, but Guruji scared them away by his stick. Only a few people remained with him. They could not be scared away even by the stick. After walking for a long way, Guruji found a dead body. Guruji asked his disciples to eat it, "Only those who eat this dead body will remain with me" he declared. All the Sangat began to say that Guruji has turned mad. Even his sons believed that. Only Lahana got ready to eat the dead body. He moved towards the body and stood beside it. Guruji said: "why are you Standing? Eat the dead body." Bhai Lahana asked from which side should he begin. "From the head", said Guruji. As soon as Bhai Lahana removed the cover, he found Karhah Prasad there instead of a corpse. Bhai Lahana ate that Karhah Prasad to his fill and distributed it among the other disciples as well. Bhai Lahana, thus accepted each and every order of Guruji, for he knew well that Nanak was none other than a form of Akal Purakh (The Eternal Being).


Once it rained for many days continuously in Kartarpur. All the fuel woods meant for cooking Lungar were drenched. So it was impossible to cook the Lungar. Thousands of Sikhs felt perplexed by hunger. Then Guruji said to his elder son, "Shri Chandji, all the fuel woods are drenched, cooking Lungar is impossible now. So kindly climb this Babool (acacia) tree and shake it, sweetmeats will fall from it." Shri Chand replied! "Father, you're grown old. Only thorns fall from on acacia tree, not the sweetmeats." Then Guruji asked his younger son, but he too refused. Ultimately, Guru Nanak asked Bhai Lahana. Saying 'Sat Vachan' (may it be true) Bhai Lahana at once climbed the tree and began to shake it violently. And in no time sweetmeats began to fall from the tree and soon there was a huge pile of sweetmeats. All the Sangat ate to their full and went back to their homes, reciting God's name.

Bhai Lahana proved successful in every test. Impressed by his greatness and affection, Guru Nanak Dev embraced him. Embracing in Hindi means Angikar, hence in due course Bhai Lahana came to be known as Guru Angad Dev. In his last days, Guru Nanak Dev succeeded his seat (Gaddi) to Guru Angad Dev, who thus became the second Guru of the Sikhs.

When time came for the demise of Guru Nanak Dev, a dispute started between Hindus and Muslims. Hindus claimed that Nanak was their Guru, hence they will cremate him. While Muslims claimed that he was their peer, so they will bury him. Guruji asked them not fight, "I will do the justice." Saying this Guruji laid down covering himself with a sheet. After some time, everyone saw that only the sheet had remained there. Muslims took half of it and buried it while the Hindus cremated the another half.

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